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Tillamook Cheddar
Tillamook Cheddar

Tillamook Cheddar, a Jack Russell Terrier from Brooklyn, New York, is widely regarded as the world's preeminent canine artist. Over a 14-year career she had more than 20 solo exhibitions in the U.S., Europe, and Bermuda. Tillie's terrestrial life came to an end on January 29, 2014, twelve days after her 15th birthday.

The artist's primary process was a dynamic color transfer technique. In preparation for each of Tillie's works, her assistants assembled a touch-sensitive recording device by affixing pigment-coated vellum to a block of watercolor paper, with a sheet of clear mylar on top, to insulate the artist from the paint medium. Working on the outside surface, she applied pressure with teeth and claws in a methodic ritual marked by dramatic shifts in tempo and intensity. The resultant sharp and sweeping intersecting lines complement the artist's delicate paw prints and subtle tongue impressions, composing an expressionistic image revealed on the paper once the outer layers of vellum and mylar have been removed. She worked with shocking intensity, sometimes to the point of destroying her creations.

In July 2005 the artist gave birth to six healthy puppies. One of her sons, Doc Chinook Strongheart Cheddar, continued to live with her until her death. Doc lives on, but thus far he has not followed his mother in her artistic forays.

Her first official biography, Portrait of the Dog as a Young Artist by F. Bowman Hastie III, is published by Sasquatch Books (2006).

"The most successful living animal painter."
-The Art Newspaper

"A masterpiece of conceptualism."
-Time Out New York
  "A sham."
-Jerry Saltz

"When possessed by an artistic vision, Tillie is fearless."
-AKC Gazette

"[Because of Tillie] I have had to rethink two of my most basic assumptions about art and life: first, the notion that animals cannot have an aesthetic sense; second, the core conviction that no sentient being could possibly paint anything worse than what Julian Schnabel recently showed at the Gagosian Gallery."
-James Gardner, New York Post (May, 2002)

TILLIE TIP TO TAIL TOUR, Brooklyn, NY > Tillamook, OR. August 15-September 1, 2013. Coast-to-coast tour with the Tillie Mobile Unit, featuring live painting demonstrations and public viewings of the TMU.

UNVEILING OF THE TILLIE MOBILE UNIT, The Archway in D.U.M.B.O., Brooklyn, NY. August 4, 2011. Paintings, sculpture, public viewing of TMU, live performance of Tillie Jazz.

PEOPLE MAGAZINE, 1 MILE Gallery, Kingston, NY. September 4-October 23, 2010. Paintings.

THE TILLAMOOK CHEDDAR MID-CAREER RETROSPECTIVE, The Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, Hollywood, FL. June 20-Aug. 16, 2009.

-DOG TAG- 10, teethovenstudio, Long Beach, CA. April 24, 2009. Works on paper, board, and foamcore.

BOUNDARIES, Total Art-Space, Berlin. August 2-16, 2007. 2-artist show with Wannes LeCompte.

PETREL, Masterworks Foundation, Bermuda. March 23, 2007. Paintings.

HUNGRY MOTHER, 401 Greenwich, New York, NY. Nov. 16-Dec. 15, 2006. Paintings.

TILLAMOOK CHEDDAR: WORKS FROM 2000-2006, Guest Room Gallery, Portland, OR. November, 2006. Paintings & etchings.

TILLIE LTD.: BROOKLYN, BRUSSELS, BEIJING, Gallery Beaulieu at Ravenstein Galleries, Brussels, Belgium. April 16-30, 2006. Store-in Installation.

AN EXHIBITION OF ART BY TILLAMOOK CHEDDAR, The Paterson Museum, Paterson, NJ. Nov. 3–24, 2005. Paintings.

AFTERBIRTH, Living With Art, New York City. Nov. 2≠16, 2005. Paintings and sculpture.

TILLAMOOK CHEDDAR, NYC, Beaulieu Summer Project, Knokke/Heist, Belgium. July 30-August 6, 2004. Paintings and sculpture.

TILLIE LTD., Green Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. June-December 2004. Store-in installation.

W139 PRESENTS TILLAMOOK CHEDDAR, MASTER IN CANINE ART, Kunstvlaai 5, Amsterdam, Netherlands. May 8-16, 2004.

HOW ARE CONNECTED THE DISPLACEMENT AND THE MACHINES OF PURITY, Gallery Beaulieu, Wortegem/Petegem, Belgium. March 27-April 16, 2004. Two-artist show with Ki Wa.

ART BRUT, Green Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. Jan. 29-Feb. 19, 2004. Recent work, oil on paper; photos of the artist by Dirk Westphal.

COLLAROBATIONS, The National Arts Club, New York, NY. April 25-May 10, 2002. Collaborative works by Tillamook Cheddar and 26 humans.

BLACK & WHITE (And Red, White & Blue), 129 West 42nd Street, New York, NY. Oct. 18, 2001. New works on suede and paper; U.S. flags.

NO DOGS ON CAMPUS, MY SISTER'S KITCHEN Art Gallery, Santa Cruz, CA. March 3-5, 2001. Small works on suede.

MERKIN, 176 GRAND Gallery, New York, NY. Dec. 7, 2000-Feb. 7, 2001. Drawings and sculpture.

PORTRAITS & LANDSCAPES, 105 DEVOE Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. Oct. 21-Nov. 11, 2001. Drawings, sculpture, little books.

, teethovenstudio, Brooklyn, NY. Oct. 24-Nov. 23, 1999. Works on paper, board, and foamcore.

View of Outer Space from an Aquarium, Famous Accountants gallery, Brooklyn, NY. Oct. 1-Nov. 6, 2011.

ICOBA/CUTLOG, Bourse du Commerce, Paris, France. Oct. 22-24, 2009.

Gone to the Dogs, Denise Bibro Fine Art, New York, NY. Oct. 8-Nov. 7, 2009.

Animal House: Works of Art Made By Animals, Gallerie SAW Gallery, Ottowa, ON. July 26-Sept. 6, 2009.

In the Loop, Fosdick-Nelson Gallery, Alfred University, Alfred, NY. November 7-December 3, 2008. "BITCH" (video; collaboration with Diane Dwyer).

The Binder Show: A Traveling Group Art Exhibition, America. 2006.

Trends 06, de zevende biŽnnale voor hedendaagse kunst, georganiseerd door Sint-Barbara, Dienstbetoon, Gent, Belgium. February 2006.

A-4, Hoet-Bekaert Beaulieu Gallery, Gent, Belgium. September 3-October 1, 2005

"DEJA VU?" group show with all the artists from the gallery. Hoet Bekaert Beaulieu Gallery, Gent, Belgium. April 3-May 29, 2005

PICTURES OF TILLIE: Portraits of the Dog by Various Artists. Tillie LTD. in Association with Green Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. Sept. 23-Oct. 24, 2004

MILANO FLASH ART FAIR, Milan, Italy. Representation by Beaulieu Contempory Art. March 26-28, 2004

PETROPOLIS, The New-York Historical Society, New York, NY, July 15-November 2, 2003.

INTERSECTION, William Benton Museum of Art, Storrs, CT, May 2003. "BITCH" (video; collaboration with Diane Dwyer).

Tee Time, Millicent Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, May 3-21, 2003.

OPEN, Brooklyn Fire Proof, Brooklyn, NY. Oct. 12-Nov. 1, 2002.

SALON: 12 Artists Show Work in Long Island City, LIC, NY. Aug. 10-Sep. 12, 2002.

DINING HAUL: UNPACKED no. 4, Meat Packing District, New York, NY. June 6-9, 2002.

THE RUN, White Box Gallery, New York, NY. May 25-June 1, 2002.

REACTIONS, Exit Art, New York, NY. Jan. 26-March 30, 2002.

DEBUT, Method Lab, Brooklyn, NY. July 13-28, 2001.

Art for Tibet, Tibet House, New York, NY. December 1, 2012.

Groundswell's Sweet 16 Art Auction Benefit, 7 World Trade Center, New York, NY. October 10, 2012.

Art for Tibet, Joshua Liner Gallery, New York, NY. October 14, 2011.

Bronx Charter School for the Arts 3rd Annual Benefit Auction, 1 OAK, New York, NY. May 17, 2011.

The Dog Art Challenge for Charity, Chicagoland Family Pet Expo, Chicago, IL. March 20-21, 2009.

Abracadabra: Second Annual Fundraising Exhibition, The Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, Hollywood, FL. January 22-Feb. 13, 2009.

The Wilmington Fur Ball, Wilmington, NC. December 6, 2008.

unre:FORMED, "Shadow" Benefit for Drug Policy Alliance, New York, NY. Sept. 3, 2008.

Lenny the Pug's 2nd Annual Birthday Benefit for Animal Haven, New York, NY. March 25, 2007.

PET ART 7, Los Angeles, CA. Nov. 13, 2005.

PET ART 6, Los Angeles, CA. Nov. 7, 2004.

HSCA Benefit Ball, Munster, IN. Oct. 30, 2004.

Art Night, Hickock Warner Cole Architects, Washington, DC. Oct. 14, 2004

Brooklyn Museum of Art (BMA) Community Committee Autumn Auction, Brooklyn, NY. Nov. 22, 2003

PET ART 5, Los Angeles, CA. Nov. 9, 2003. "Truth & Beauty" collaboration with Dirk Westphal.

Two 4 Animals (Second Annual B.A.R.C. Shelter Art Show and Auction), 31 Grand Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. May 31, 2003.

Night of 1,000 Drawings, Artists Space, New York, NY. Dec. 11, 2002.

White Box's First Annual Benefit Auction, White Box Gallery, New York, NY. Oct. 30-Nov. 6, 2002.

PET ART 4, Los Angeles, CA. Oct. 27, 2002. "Magnetic Fields" collaboration with Dirk Westphal.

TRIBUTARY: Benefit Exhibition, A.I.R. Gallery, New York, NY. April 24-May 19, 2001.

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